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paracosmx7 applys for trusted

written:thursday 18th january 2018
adressed to staff

first of all i am sincerely sorry the headline is in capital letters but i could not manage to avoid that.

Greeting to whoever reads this. my name is Paracosmx7, also rarely referred to as Mortimer.
i have decided to give applying for trusted a second try after Zgreen encouraged me to do so.
the first time i applied i failed to obtain the 3rd vote which, now that i look back on it, suprises me because i shouldnt even have gotten 2. i remember myself to be quite immature back than. or atleast i did not know to behave appropriate and especially when to do so. however now that changed i believe. school hit quite hard so i learned certain things about behaving in an actually mature way when needed. but always being strict obviously isnt a good idea either. i have reported several error and mistakes over the time i have spend on GoA and have already played here when it was still called NCC. in fact i still have homes in the old survival worlds and recently must have hit my 300th playing hour. i have tried to be active over the time i was playing on GoA but as mentioned before school has taken a lot of time i used to have back then. i build a few arenas aswell and hoped for them to get featured. if im right two of them were for a short amount of time. anyway ill now add a list of compressed information below (i might forget certain information and i am sorry if i do so)

-i am 16 years old
-my ingame name is Paracosmx7
-i used to be called chefvonsocke
-i have over 300 hours of play time
-i apllied once before
-i was there back in the days of the custom survival map and other survival map changes
-Mortimer is not my real name

i thank everyone who took the time to read this and hope not to fail this time


1/18/2018 5:35 pm

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Re: paracosmx7 applys for trusted

+1 from me
And try to be more mature.

1/21/2018 5:48 am

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Re: paracosmx7 applys for trusted

To admit is it's own reward
+1 <3

1/22/2018 8:31 am

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Re: paracosmx7 applys for trusted

Well mate i gotta say you did indeed deserve this rank

1/31/2018 3:56 pm

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