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      /menu - server menu
      /servers - servers list
      /spawn - go to survival spawn
      /vote - list of voting sites
      /help - list of server commands
      /web - website and discord links
      /buy - donation store

      /f help - show faction help page
      /f list - list all factions
      /f faction/f/show/who [faction] - show faction information
      /f player [player] - show player informatio
      /f join <faction> - join a faction
      /f leave - leave your faction
      /f home [faction] - teleport to faction home
      /f create/new <name> - create a new faction
      /f map [on/off] - show territory map
      /f name <new name> - set faction name
      /f description <desc> change faction description
      /f motd [new] faction motd
      /f sethome - set the faction home
      /f unsethome - unset faction home
      /f invite manage invites
      /f kick <player> - kick player from faction
      /f title <player> [title] - set player title
      /f rank <player> [action] [faction] - manage faction ranks
      /f territorytitles,tt [on/off] - toggle territory titles
      /f status [page] [faction] [sort] - show status
      /f claim - claim faction territory
      /f unclaim - unclaim faction territory
      /f access - manage access
      /f relation - manage faction relations
      /f perm - change faction permissions
      /f flag - manage faction flags
      /f disband - disband faction

   Safe trade:
      /trade <player> - send a trade request to a player
      /trade accept - accept trade request
      /trade deny - deny trade request

      /bal - show your balance
      /baltop - show richest players
      /pay - give money to a player

      /crates - teleport to crates location
      /crate claim - claim any keys that are waiting for you

      /Jobs join [jobname] - Join the selected job
      /Jobs browse - List the jobs available to you
      /Jobs bonus [jobname] - Show job bonuses
      /Jobs info [jobname] [action] - Show how much each job gets paid and for what
      /Jobs itembonus  - Check your item bonuses

      /mcstats - view your mcMMO stats
      /<skill>- view detailed information about a skill
      /mctop <skill> <page> - leaderboards
      /inspect <player> - view detailed player info
      /mcability - toggle ability activation with right click
      /party create <name> - create a new party
      /party join <player> - jjoin a players party
      /party quit - leave your current party
      /party chat - toggle Party Chat
      /party invite <player> - send party invite
      /party accept - accept party invite
      /party teleport <player> - teleport to party member

      10 market listings
      /market - opens the market shop
      /market view <player> - see what a player is selling
      /market sell/bid <price> [amount] - list the item you are holding on the market
      /market expired/collect - view and manage your canceled and expired items
      /market listed - view and manage the items you are selling
      /market help - view this help menu
      /shop - opens general shop menu
      /blockshop - blocks shop shortcut
      /itemshop - items shop shortcut
      /foodshop - food shop shortcut

      /sethome - set 3 home locations
      /delhome <home> - delete your home
      /home <home> - teleport to your home
      /homes - view your home list

      /marry list <Page> - lists all married players
      /marry <Playername> - Marry someone
      /marry divorce - divorce

      /cprivate - Create a private protection
      /cpublic - Create a public protection
      /cdonation - Create a donation chest
      /cpassword <Password> - Create a password-protected protection
      /cmodify - Modify an existing private protection
      /cunlock <Password> - Unlock a password-protected block
      /cinfo - View information on a protection
      /climits - View the amount of protections you are allowed
      /cremove - Remove a protection
      /cremoveall - Remove all protections owned by the player
      /lwc mode <persist|droptransfer>
      /lwc flag <name> <on|off> - Change protection flags
      /warps - list all server warps
      /warp <warp> - warp to a location
      /tpahere <player> - teleport player to your location
      /tpa <player> - teleport to player
      /tpaccept - accept tp request
      /tpdeny - deny tp request
      /creative - teleport to creative server
      /pvpworld - teleport to PvP world
      /wild - teleport to vanilla survival world
      /back - return back to your last locations

      /msg <player> <message> - send a private message
      /reply,r - reply to the last private message
      /mail read - read your mails
      /mail send <player> <msg> - send a mail to player
      /mail clear - clear your mail inbox

      /cosmetics - cosmetics menu
      /particles - white, orange, magenta, light blue, yellow
      /particle shapes - spin, point
      /trails - white, orange, magenta, light blue and yellow
      /pets - pig, chicken, cow, sheep, rabbit
      /bow trails - white, orange, magenta, light blue and yellow
      /chatcolor - green, dark green

      /bottle get <amount/max> - convert you xp into xp bottles
      /bottle until <lvl> - check how many xp bottles you need to reach a certain level
      /games - opens up minigames menu
      /kits - mcmmo kits
      /tasks - tasks list. complete tasks to earn rewards
      /pvp - pvp maps list
      /dynmap webregister - receive a dynmap webregistration code
      /pv <number> - 9 slot extra inventory
      /find <player> - find out in what server player is in
      /slap <player> slap player
      /ignore <player> - ignore player
      /afk - mask yourself as Away From Keyboard
      /list - list all players in survival server
      /ping - pong
   PvP world restrictions:
         /marry gift


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   Inherits commands and restrictions from Beginner

      /seen <player> - returns the last date player was online
      /me - emote message
      /ptime - change YOUR time
      /pweather - change YOUR weather

      /sethome <home> - 10 home locations

      /titles - Trusted
      /hat - equip items as hat
      /nick - change your nickname in chat
      /chatcolor - red, pink, gold, dark aqua, dark red, gray, dark gray, dark purple
      /bow trails - lapis, rainbow swirls, medium explosion
      /particles - lapis, rainbow swirls, medium explosion
      /particle shapes - cube
      /pets - wolf, villager
      /bal <player> - view other player's balance

      /market - 15 market listings
      /npc create (5 npcs)
      /npc copy
      /npc despawn
      /npc list
      /npc lookclose
      /npc moveto
      /npc owner
      /npc remove
      /npc select
      /npc spawn
      /npc speed
      /npc tphere
      /npc pose pose
        /npc path

      /tptoggle - toggle teleportation requests from other players

      /ast - armor stand editing tool
      /skull <player> - get a player skull
      /enderchest,echest - open your enderchest anywhere you want
      /rename <name> - rename item
      /lore <lore> - set item lore
      /setloreline <#> <text> - set lore line
      /removeloreline <#> - remove lore line
      /pv <number> - 18 slot extra inventory
      /glow - add glow effect on item
      /removeglow - remove item glow effect
   /being AFK for too long won't kick you

   PvP world restrictions:


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   Commands are Inherited from Beginner
      /pet - snowman, enderman
      /trails - gold, lava
      /bowtrail - gold, lava
      /particles - gold, lava
      /particleshapes - sphere
      /titles - Donator

      /bal <player> - View other player's balance

      /sethome <home> - 15 locations

      /market - 20 market listings

      /tptoggle - toggle teleportation requests

      /ast - Allows you to edit armor stand.
      /pv 27 slots


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   Commands are Inherited from Donator
      /enderchest - open you ender chest anywhere
      /seen - see when someone was last online
      /fly - allows you to fly around

      /titles - VIP
      /trails - diamond, enchantment
      /pet - phantom, wither skeleton
      /bowtrail - diamond, enchantment
      /particles - diamond, enchantment
      /particleshapes - beam

      /sethome <home> - 20 locations

      /market - 25 market listings

      /pv <number> - 27 * 2 slot extra inventory
      /skull <skull name> - give yourself someone's skull


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   Commands are inherited from Donator and VIP
      /pweather - change your weather
      /ptime - change your time
      /titles - Founder
      /pet - blaze, magma cube, wither
      /bowtrail - emerald, barrier, largeexplosion
      /particles - emerald, barrier, largeexplosion
      /particleshapes - helix, wings
      /nick - change your display name
      /sethome <home> - 25 locations
      /market - 30 market listings
      /pv <number> - 27 * 3 slot extra inventory
        /rename - rename items
        /glow, /removeglow - item glow effect
        /lore, /setloreline, /removeloreline - edit item's lore
        /trails - emerald, barrier, largeexplosion

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