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Of the far far city

Greetings to you. I wonder if You would like to hear a little story that I have experienced, what feels like aeons ago. It is one that although passed a long time ago, I still vividly remember even today. The story took place somewhere in a desolate scape, green with grass. More specifically above a small village, known by most as Sudlichsdorf. Above that village a celestial castle came to be at one point, flying high in the sky, inhabited by strange beings. The beings wore robes pale as snow, the castle was so white to the suns glows. The people of Sudlichsdorf have never learned the name of that flying fortress, for such was its rulers command. They refered to it as Fahlburgen. But the robed pale ones knew its true name, that name i share with you, Eidolonea, named after their king Eidolon. Even the people of Sudlichsdorf heard tales of the "pale monarch", the name brought to them by the Pale robed ones, refered by the villagers as the "pale cultists". It was common for the cultists to come down onto earth and collect ressources that Eidolon mandated in massive amounts. During their stay on the earth, they often spend time with the people of beneath Eidolonea. They spoke no same language, but a language similar they both spoke. They could not very well communicate yet they spoke to one another quite well. However, and this is were all the bad began, with as much contact as they had regardless of their distance to one another, the two civilizations mostly stayed divided and unmixed. Eidolon feared after all he saw, and onto the earth from the sky you can see quite a lot of things, evil, vicious deed, and decided his people should as he promised once "suffer no more" and that heaving terrestrial beings, freely roaming Eidolonea was one risk to great as he saw by their deed, one after another and war after war and they kept from all good spirit and they kept from all spirit. Sudlichsdorfs people were, obviously, intrigued by the city like Skybourne Stronghold, they wanted to go there, told one another stories of ancestors who were there, they claimed it to be heaven, it must have been... As far as i got it, they believed that it was a paradise of the afterlife, the life up there was what followed after death. Where ever they got that from... And then one day they tried to rise, driven by hope of many things, meeting their lost ones just one more time, maybe even life in a place of peace. With that much of a cruel and gruesome world it was down there, I understand. Non have ever managed to remotely reach Eidolonea, except one determined fellow, Astrid they called her, or maybe even the one who reaches for the stars as no one believed her promise of ascending Eidolonea alive. She however was determined, so much in fact she stole a pale robe from an eidolonist to learn from it, its fabric and all mysteries woven into it. Unable to learn though, she watched the other cultists every time they came back to earth, to understand how they would do that every time. It unveiled to her the truth, the pale ones somehow use what seems to be sorcery and whenever they met earths surface, quickly before fog would drown the proximity. the fog in fact drowns everything that could see through their secret deed, all they said she would heed. Once Astrid had learned all she need, She gave it a try to ascend, but quickly felt like... oh what i assume must be the feeling of your body being a vessel that empties of all life. thats just what sorcery is you see, you pay your life, you bend reality. Astrid had a motive to all this that drove her insane, her father who died. This loss plagued her and tortured her and depressed her. it got her to the point that she decided to steal the life from pale cultists, one after one after one after one, all fell beneath her weapons and traps. that she feel the power of fallen celestials was apparent, as mad as she had gone almost out of nowhere, she had a pretty clear mind of what she was doing. Eidolons nightmare came true in that short a timespan, that corruption would now come to swallow whole those he once found, deserted, left alone on that earthen place, he was a beacon to them, guided them and with all his will brought them into the skies where no earthen sin would reach them. he was above sorcerer he was the one to determine reality after his mind. his people admired him, referred to him as a deity and in such were devout to non but him, devout, devoted, destined to follow his word and he was ment to guide them into a carefree life. now vileness comes hither, it will cause this place of paradise into a reign of chaos. The pale monarch warned them all, he said "haven thee, thyne friends, thyneself, haven all that is thou, all that is thyne. escapeth ye for i bring the final fight, if i may cease, cometh tumbling into the ground oh pale city, cometh back to your earth, so the cycle completes, so the status quo returns. May my mind guide me, and i, ooh believeth my word, i bring carnage onto the impure soul." as such he made an adequat arena rise from the cities white tiles as they shined in the darkened sun, and his children can see that he will fight, they can see that gallant Gotthold Eidolon, with all virtue, will fight until his death as impending doom approaches. then finally, Astrid arrives at an arenas entrance, ready to see what they hid from her, she lost track of all intention she carried up there, she lost her goal. In the arena she speaks "oh so this is what you´ve hidden little king? all of this is the promised place? what is so special here that youd be hiding it, huh?" were Eidolon to have a heart, it would pound, Astrids does for certain, both of them feel the stress of an inevitable carnage neither of them wants, were it possible, both would leave but Astrid has come so far and Eidolon has gone so long, for both the time had come, for Gotthold to end, for astrid to make end. The monarch said his last words, he know very well they will be his last words as he speak with strict voice "so thyne name has been Astrid, i see why thou beareth astra as name, you called for the stars and when they gave no response, you plucked them from the sky, one by one, soul by soul, life by life. Astra, thy story shall end here, you have failed your tasked, no matter my death or life it might cost." the two readied for eithers possibly last fight, as a sign of respect the poor monarch bowed and wished this to be a good fight, poor because rising up he has been impaled. what has made him die he never saw, only that the sky distance as life faded, the sound of what must have been an entire fortress crashing into the ground and finally, both of them lying, graved beneath detritus. As the Monarch died, he saw for himself the dead of Astra, he saw for himself the suicide of his most loyal few, dying infront of his eyes one by one. But some, they shared so great a love for their God they ran, ran so far they would not have to see his dead, they, alas, not even today gave up their hope that pale Gotthold will return and bring them back into the light. how do i know? how do i know all of this? well...

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