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How do i allow my freind to open my chests?
    do /cmodify [friend's name] and click on a chest.

Can i grief and raid?
    Griefing and raiding is allowed in /factions server and
    in mining worlds found in other servers.

Can i get OP?
    No, you absolutely can't.

How can i get more plots in creative?
    You need to rank up in order to unlock more plots and worlds.
    Do /ranks in the creative server for more info.

How do I claim my voting rewards?
    go to /hub server and do /crates

I lost my items. What do I do?
    Unfortunately, there is usually nothing we can do. But do not hesitate to ask for help

I bought something from the donation store and didn't receive it.
    In that case, please contact us.

My friend wants to join, but he doesn't have a premium.
    Please contact us so we can give him/her access to our cracked subserver.

Can people with premium play together with people using cracked?
    Yes. Everything other than skins should work. If you notice any inconsistencies, then let us know.

How do i rank up?
    You can rank up in various ways such as:
    - apply for a trusted rank.
    - buy a donator rank.
    - apply for a staff rank.
    - rank up in creative by just playing.

How do i get a rank higher than Builder+ in creative?
    To get a higher rank in creative, you need to submit your plot for a review Here

Why can't i use some of the WorldEdit commands?
    Some WorldEdit commands are for higher ranks.
    Go to Creative Help page for more info.

How do i create a guild or a faction?
    /guild create [name] or /faction create [name]

Why did the items on the ground disappear?
    Items on ground are removed periodically to save server resources

How can i break trees faster?
    You can only chop whole trees with an iron or diamond axe.
    When chopping the tree click once with your left click to break the whole tree.
    Beware that your axe will take the combined wear from all the log blocks broken.

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