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Server rules

[0]====================== General rules ====================[0]
1. Do not spam or advertise!
2. Do not glitch items!
3. Do not use hacks and exploits!
4. Do not harass other fellow players!
5. Do not ask for staff/helper/builder etc. position!
6. Be respectful!
7. Scamming others in any way is not allowed.
8. English is the only acceptable language in public server chats. Feel free to talk on private messages using your own language.
9. Hacked Clients include illegal mods that give you advantages which are unfair for other players.
10. Scripts that affect things such as your attack/mining speed are not allowed. Auto Scripts of any kind are not permitted. 
11. X-ray Mods/texture packs used to see through walls, ores etc are not allowed. Bots/SpamBots are forbidden.
12. Using exploits/glitches to farm money is not allowed. Your balance will be reset, if you are found to be doing this intentionally.

[0]====================== Guilds Server ====================[0]
1. Griefing is not allowed.
2. Stealing from other players is not allowed.
3. PvP outside of pvp arenas should be consensual.
4. Unfair mcmmo experience gained with the help of exploits will be reset.
5. Using glitches and bugs to farm money is not allowed.
6. Distributing items from creative inventory is not allowed.
7. It would be nice if you use /warp mining to gather large amounts of resources. Jobs and McMMO have 10% boost there.
8. Please do not build pointless 1x1 towers and other similar structures.
9. Do not tpa kill others.
10. Do not ask items from players with GMC.

[0]====================== Survival Server ====================[0]
1. Griefing other player's builds is not allowed, HOWEVER, if a build is not claimed by the player who made it, no action will be taken against any potential griefing!
2. Please use mining world to gather large amounts of resources. Jobs have 10% boost there.
3. Exploiting glitches is not allowed.The only exception is TNT duplication for farming blocks ( tree farm, cobblestone farm, etc.. )
4. Excessive redstone usage can cause lag. Things like auto sorters/auto sorting halls have a limit of 50 item filters. When possible, use water streams to transport items instead of hoppers.
5. Any mobfarm/item farm is allowed as long as it is not using glitches to function.
6. Asking/begging Staff Members or players with access to Creative Mode for items is not allowed.
7. PvP is not allowed outside of PvP Arenas. Excessively spawn-killing, repeatedly attacking other players for no reason, Verbally harassing Staff or players etc is not allowed.

[0]====================== Creative Server ====================[0]
1. Do not build massive redstone contraptions meant to lag the server.
2. Do not spam blocks like sand or gravel for no reason.
3. Using toolbars to bring items into the server is not allowed.
4. Just because you are trusted by someone on their plot does not mean you can grief it.
5. No obscene builds.

[0]====================== Minigames Server ====================[0]
1. Glitching out of maps is not allowed.
2. Glitching items is not allowed.
3. Do not give items from your creative menu.
4. Do not cheat in minigames.

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