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Moderator application:Paracosmx7

Dear administrative team of GoA,

I would like to become a moderator after all the time I have been playing on the server. I meet the requirements for moderator as I am:
1. Trusted for a very long time now
2. Have never been banned on the server and neither in any other way been punished, though I have been warned once if i am not mistaken.

Here is necessary further information as the form demands:
1. My in-game name is Paracosmx7 (not to be confused with my brother Paracosmx8).
2. I have turned 18 a couple of months ago.
3. I have been on the server since NCC times and until now been online at least once per week, with exception of one time where I stopped playing MC.
4. I have been a staffmember before on a different server, admin to be precise. The server disappeared however and I lost contact to this person.
5. During this time i have never been demoted.
6. I can speak German and English very well, then also a little bit of spanish, but not enough to lead a case in that language and I know latin, though this does not matter as the language is not spoken by anyone anymore and furthermore can not even be spoken.
7. As of current I am online every day, but due to school I can not promise it stays this way.
8. As I live in germany the timezone is CET.
9. The server actually benefits from me as of current, I have so far reported plenty of bugs and made many suggestions. In terms of moderator though, since there is precisely one active moderator I am certain that a second moderator can cover the time this moderator is not online at 
    least partialy, that second moderator being me. furthermore I can support in german, which no other supporter with exception of Illumivision can. It is helpful when seeing that a major part of active players are german friends of mine.

sincerely, Paracosmx7.

11/23/2019 12:45 pm