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Discord rules

1. Be kind and respectful to your fellow discord users and players.
2. Do not advertise other discords on here, unless given strict permission from
   @WarWolf OG , @Zer0  or @LordDarthMalgus 
3. Use channels for what they are intended for.
4. Do not spam outside of #random_shizzle_chat.
5. Please listen to staff. We dont want to mute you or be forced to punish.
6. Use bots in the #bot_chat so thay others will not have to suffer from spam.
7. Put memes, video links and such in #random_shizzle_chat.
8. You can play music in the music channel by using the music request chat,
   but keep it normal and think of others and let them play their music as well.
9. Do not post NSFW things if you're underaged. Keep it in the nsfw-mature-chat channel.
   We do not tolerate it outside of it.

5/17/2019 7:13 am