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IGN: FenririsReal

Trusted application: FenrirIsRea

Trusted application: FenrirIsReal

    3d 8H 
    pre 2019
  I spend a few hours online a week, depending on my free time.

I joined the server awhile back looking for a creative plots server, and Jacob had pulled me over. These days I hop on to practice builds and chat when there are people online. I play games such as Minecraft, Conan, and Ark whenever I'm looking to build something. 
Aevony is a social and small (at the moment) server that I enjoy enough to type this, though I have most of the perms with VIP already.
Hope yall consider this, and if not let me know what I'm lacking, and ill fix it. 
Oh! before I forget, I'm the guy that destroyed his laptop some 6 months ago and was stuck just being the friendly neighborhood pessimist.

Sincerely yours, Fenris. 

        p.s. No homo <3

5/31/2020 5:22 pm


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Der Fenrir,

After careful consideration we have come to the conclusion that you very much fullfill the criteria required for your promotion. In that sense We congratulate you to your
promotion and wish you the best of luck in the future

Sincerely yours, Paracosm.

6/17/2020 3:14 pm


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6/17/2020 5:23 pm