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IGN: MrSquidswad

trusted application: MrSquidwad

hey i would like to apply for for the rank of trusted.

 1. In-game name?
2. Total playtime? ( hover over your name in chat to find it )
   1D 46Hrs 45Min 54Sec
 3. Date of joining?
    09/02/2020  21:11:08
4. How much time do you spend online in a week?
   im not sure it really varies on things like school and stuff like that
 5. Tell us something about yourself.
i know several of the people on this server and are good friends with them (i dont know how personal that was but i couldnt really think of anything better sorry) 

10/5/2020 12:55 pm


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IGN: _WarWolf

Age: 26

trusted application: MrSquidwad


12/12/2020 5:11 pm