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Survival Shopkeepers

To create a marketplace in the Survival server you need to have Knowledgeable rank!

First, go to /warp marketplace.
To create your market, you need to have 64 coins. You can get coins by trading with the Coin Trader in front of you.

Once you have 64 coins you can buy a shop creation egg from Shop Items trader.

Find a free market stall.
Right click in the air to select between Selling, Buying, Trading.

Trading shop allows you to trade any item.
Selling shop is used to sell your items for diamonds, diamond blocks, emeralds or emerald blocks
Buying shop is like a selling shop, but backwards.

Sneak + left/right click to select a mob to represent your shop.
Mob types are limited to different ranks. Refer to Vanilla Commands page

Right click a chest to select it and then right click the ground to spawn a shopkeeper.

Add items you'd like to trade with to your chest and then shift + right click the shop to configure it.

Trading Shop

Selling / Buying shop

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