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IGN: B_Boy_Stelz

Trusted Application: B_Boy_Stelz

 1. In-game name?
2. Total playtime? ( hover over your name in chat to find it )
  1d 35h 12m
 3. Date of joining?
4. How much time do you spend online in a week?
  More then a day a week
 5. Tell us something about yourself.
I have no life 

11/30/2020 8:57 am


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IGN: Paracosmx7

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Trusted Application: B_Boy_Stelz


Sorry for the late reply first of all.
I am sure you have carefully read through our advise page about formatting a reply
and what criteria we expect you to meet however there seems to be a problem you may have
overlooked. We normaly expect users who apply to have been active for an estimated time of 3 months.
Im afraid it appears you have not yet met the given time.
Furthermore despite the fact its never explicitly stated to do so, i alongside other staff
are usualy happy to see some extra work and dedication put into an application.
Such would include an introduction, end part and something more than lorem ipsum
especialy for the 5th point.

For the reasons above, mainly the lack of playtime though, i sadly have to deny the request.
if after some time you decide to try again (which you´re always welcome to do) we will of
course carefully reconsider this decision. maybe you have more luck with other staff.

yours sincerely,

12/4/2020 4:38 pm