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IGN: Clipz_Scar

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Clipz_Scar:Trusted Aplication

Hi I'm Clipz / Clipz_Scar I would like to apply for trusted. I am a donator and have been playing for 3 months. 

My total play time is:20d 9h 13m, I joined on 12/9/2020 and i really enjoy playing GoA. 

I have reported many glitches and I got some people in trouble or banned for things against the rules. I haven't gotten in trouble for anything I believe.

I have made lots of friends on GoA and have helped lots of people to.

2/9/2021 7:32 pm


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Clipz_Scar:Trusted Aplication

You've been here for only 2 months. Try again next month

2/10/2021 9:44 am