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1. In-game name: paultsky
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3. Date joined: 09/09/20

Hello! I'm Paul, and this is my application. I joined the server a while back, cause I missed playing on an SMP. I remember when I joined the server wasn't nearly as active as it is right now, so I'm very happy I made the right choice to invest time into GoA. I come online pretty often, I only leave for long periods of time whenever I travel or have something I need to prepare for. I can't really give an estimate of how much I play per week, but what usually happens is if I get on I'll play for long periods of time. Something about me is I'm learning to code right now in java and python, so I'm learning how to make Minecraft mods as well. i've been a part of this server for quite some time now, and I'd say I'm pretty helpful to other players. Regardless of if I get accepted or not, I'm excited to keep on playing on this server :D

Peace, Paul

2/10/2021 12:29 pm


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2/10/2021 2:16 pm