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Mostplayer123 Ban Appeal

Mostplayer123, has done bad things in the server, but he should have a second chance, or thirteenth chance.
But still, he was perma-banned for killing people around the server and having fun, and that's what this server is about, fun
because, at the end of the day, it is just a game.

3/12/2021 8:41 am


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Mostplayer123 Ban Appeal

he was not perma banned for killing people he was banned becausse admins where tired of dealing with him

3/24/2021 7:04 pm


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Mostplayer123 Ban Appeal

Dear m1th3,

Mostplayer123`s first perma-ban has been set after he destroyed a couple players common city.
Whilst doing so he laughed at them and even taunted staff. 

His reason for such have been minor incidences where he got into conflict with 
others and has been reported. He started complaining nothing would ever happen if anything is reported
and demanded long bans for things that were not even breaking any rules. 
One example being he scammed someones villager trade (they were just setting it up) 
and demanded the person reporting him be banned immedietly for
"lying". we do not ban people because someone wants it for fun. We neither ban without proof.

After Mostplayer123 applied to be unbanned, we chose to give him one more chance. He did seem sincere afterall.
There is a serious discrepancy between the times he was banned and the times he was not
in terms of toxicity in the community and drama. After we unbanned 
him it has not taken long for new drama to start. We want a peaceful climate so that players can actualy play on 
the server without having to justify anything they do or else be reported or lied about.

Put simply: banning Mostplayer123 again was a quality of life update to the server.

He will not be unbanned.


3/26/2021 6:06 am