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HI, I am  moonlight25_
I am 12 years old,
I have   been play GOA for a while now and have been wanting to get this rank so now im making a application for it.
Ii have been a staff member Be for just not on this server,
i was not demoted, all tho the server shut down and was never made public.
i can only speak english.
my time zone is eastern standerd time.
I think the server will benifit of of me beacuse i will make sure that there is no offenseive stuff happening, and make sure that there is no greifing,
and if anyone needs help i will help.

(thank you for reeding my form i hope you think good things of it)

12/24/2021 5:40 pm


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IGN: m1th3

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moonlight25_: moderator rank

moon, you are five

1/5/2022 8:48 pm